Thread: GMAIL_ Making a reserch I find this page to download GMAIL

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    GMAIL_ Making a reserch I find this page to download GMAIL

    Making by myself a googling, found this page,
    I download and put the remarks it ask, Wondering How true is that page???
    the window says that

    setupserver gsmtp57.googlecom
                          requires Authentification
    configure your Email File
     (//I dont what to put here)  find
    file type :
    message type
    mail i recibed (goes to inbox)
    enter your gmail address
    sent to gmail          save log      about
    appear that

    Error Type: exceptions.IOError
    Error Val : [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ''
    Error Type: exceptions.AttributeError
    Error Val : 'str' object has no attribute 'next'
    To use, complete the options to the left of this message:
    1) Most users can connect to Google's SMTP server, but you may specify your own SMTP server if you desire.
    2) Locate your email file.  If you are using a MailDir, locate one file inside your MailDir.
    3) Choose the correct file type.  There are two versions of mBox.  Use the 'Less Strict' if you have problems with the other.
    4) Select where you would like your messages to go in Gmail, either 'Inbox' or 'Sent Mail'.
    5) Enter your complete GMail address, and click 'Send To GMail'.

    I wonder if Im doing right!!! Im googling but I find things that I think dont match, if anyone succeeed by the method I post here ,please let me know.
    thx in adv.
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