Thread: found this wonderfull tool...

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    found this wonderfull tool...

    Not sure if GD is the right place for this..

    I am not sure how many of you use Version Control for your development... Most developers under linux and MSVS seem to use some form of it...

    I was introduced to Tortoise SVN and I really liked it...

    Hope I am not stating the obvious... (for ppl who already use something like this)...

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    right now i use CVS (not a huge fan of it though). I hear subversion is the latest greatest version control system though i havent tried it yet.

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    Well, Tortoise SVN does sound a little close to Tortoise CVS, its "inspiration and base".
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    I use cvs, but like Perspective , I'm also not a huge fan of cvs. Well, I have no problem with it under linux. But I do get into a fight with wincvs from time to time

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    Hmm, I use Arch at work. We picked it because, well, we didn't want to use CVS and between Arch and Subversion it seemed like Arch had a lot going for it.

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