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    Colored Text

    How do I put colored text to the screen without using printf()? C++ does not support it.

    Borland 5.1 answer please


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    Look up conio.h with a text editor. You'll find several #define statements in the middle of the file defining colors 1-15 (the DOS colors - I'm assuming you're doing DOS programming) with names like #define CYAN 3, etc....
    Most C++ runtime library i/o systems should support this in some way or another, most likely through a function parameter.

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    Originally posted by Engineer223


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    C++ does support it. and the windows version works better than the conio version.

    simple code to output colored text.

    #include <windows.h> // always include this it helps.

    void Gcoloredtext()
    HANDLE hStdout;
    hStdout = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
    int G = 128;
    SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, G); // blue bg, white text
    printf("Blue Background with White text");
    int R = 7;
    SetConsoleTextAttribute(hStdout, R); // reset to grey.
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    I found it, it was cprintf();

    Thanks for everyone's help

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