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    Oh I'm not trying to say its impossible just very hard.

    What I meant was that most engineering courses are pretty intense and its easier to go with a 5 year plan and allow yourself some breathing room.

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    I have 2 friends who went to penn state, and both said they received exceptional educations.

    One got his degree in nuclear engineering, and immediately got an engineering job when he graduated (back in 96).

    Another friend of mine got his degree in telecommunications, and now works as a programmer.

    Anyways, penn state has an exceptional engineering program (from what I've heard). The only disadvantage is that is in a very large school (35,000+ students), and you may definately want to take the advice (above) and sit in on some of the classes.

    Some of your intro classes will probably have 1000+ students, and some of your engineering classes will probably have a few hundred.

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    I sat next to an Penn. State EE prof on a flight from Albuqueruqe to Salt Lake last week, The guy seemed pretty cool to me. He was checking a PHD students paper on his lap top during the flight. He had no problem letting me read the paper and explaining what it was about.

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