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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    HTML is very much alive it just has implants now

    mmm implants....


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    Rememberances (languages I haven't used in a while and probably never will again):

    -Every other (computer) language I've known
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    I use Pascal, (hiding underneath Delphi), several times a week. Fortran is still widely used in academia and the scientific world - I use it often.

    To add to your list, Modula-II was a Pascal like language that we briefly flirted with, and then several years later I had to convert, (to Fortran actually!). APL was interesting, but doomed by design. PL/1 I used for a while on ICL mainframes, but was heavy, as were the various RPG's. ALGOL was nice for maths.

    Many others I have forgotten.

    COBOL - brr, shudder!

    I saw a job advert for a CORAL-66 programmer a short while ago - couldn't believe it. I've not used CORAL since about 1978.

    >>> has anyone coded with punch cards,

    Yes of course, I still have some. They are still quite readable and will last centuries, will your floppies?
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