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    So I am sitting here recovering my computer from a nearly disasterous crash while moving partitions around, and I am eating a nice bowl of marinated raw octopus. It is called 'Tako Poke' here in Hawaii.

    Do you all think that eating raw fish and sea creatures is disgusting or good?

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    A Kiwi guy put me onto Sea Urchin roe. Fresh from the urchin, MMMM!

    Cephlapods are some of my favorite foods. Plenty of them to be caught just off shore here.

    How about finding a big catapiller 5-10cm long 2-3cm thick in a tree stump and eating that BBQed. [Witchetty(?) grubs they are called]
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    Well, my English is not as good to understand all the names you guys use, but I do love fish food. I was born in a city that fishing is quite important, so I used to eat fish everyday.

    Where I live now is too expensive, though.
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