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    No. They stopped polygamy when it became illegal, and even then, it was only authorized to allow every family to have a father, since most of the men had died on the trek west. And actually we're not supposed get married until after our missions so we can stay focused on what we're supposed to be doing.

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    have fun DavidP... I wonder who will still be around when you get back... and who the new current n00bidiot will be when you're back...
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    Or who will STILL be the n00bidiot (I think we all know who I'm talking about...)

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    Good luck. Using the mighty power of the google translator i've created the following Italian phrase which I hope you'll find useful:
    Sbattere il vostro portello sul mio piede non aiuterà come i miei pattini sono fatti di acciaio.
    Which originally, in english, was: "Slamming your door on my foot won't help as my shoes are made of steel." But, when google translated its own Italian translation back into english, it became:
    To blink your hatch on my foot will not help as my ice-skates are made of steel.

    Perhaps it's best not to rely on google for your linguistic needs. Have a good time anyway.
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    You will be missed greatly. Your answers have helped me out many a time. Thank you for all the help you've provided us here, and good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overload
    So, I am assuming from this statement that DavidP is a Mormon. If so, am I right that Mormons have multiple wives? If so, does DavidP have multiple wives? I'm not trying to offend anyone I'm just truly curious.
    Mormons don't have multiple wives :P That's a common misunderstanding amongst non-Mormons. In the 1800s, when Joseph Smith led the pioneers across the States to Utah, they practiced polygamy so that all the women would have somebody to take care of them.

    I'm Mormon, and I don't have multiple wives...

    Although, I don't even have one wife...



    Oh, yeah. DavidP, I hope you have the time of your life. Good luck trying to stay away from water.

    You know what they say, "You can go swimming once. Only once."
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    Have a good time David. Italy's a good place.

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    He left two days ago, by the way.

    I can't believe the little guy's gone...

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    probably won't see this if you already left, but Good luck! and have a good time!

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    I'm Mormon, and I don't have multiple wives..
    hey dont feel bad...

    On the risk of going off topic, anyone know of a rational reason to ban polygamy? I personally would think it would be supported with the whole
    the goal of a male member of a species is to have as many progeny as possible
    basis of biology.
    there used to be something here, but not anymore

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    I probably won't be here in two years, I don't program anymore. I've gone 180 degrees around to linguistics. If I am as good in Russian as I want to be soon, maybe I'll pick up some Italiano . Anyway, good luck - you will be missed.
    Do not make direct eye contact with me.

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    anyone know of a rational reason to ban polygamy?
    Not if they allow gay marriage

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvBladeRunnervE
    On the risk of going off topic, anyone know of a rational reason to ban polygamy?
    It means that most people that are on this board will never be able to get even one wife, much less many.

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    Speaking of being Mormon, I find my current Reputation Message (hover over the green squares) a tad humorous.

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    There are non alcholic beers you know

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