Thread: Doing surgery on my laptop

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    Doing surgery on my laptop

    I'm going to do some surgery on my laptop now....going to try and fix the keyboard
    Just posting now cuz this might be my last post for a while if I break my laptop, as it's the only computer in the house right now that has internet, yah


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    hmm, well, i managed to take all of the screws out....then kinda peek inside one i blew some compressed air in to my laptop...but that's about all I could do. There must be some invisible "gateway" button that opens up the laptop magically or something, and I don't feel like cracking my laptop in half trying to get it open, so I guess i'm stuck with a usb keyboard, heh.

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    depends... sometimes there's a 'secret' way to get into a laptop, but you probably have a 'leave this alone or it breaks' model that you have to send back to the company so they can replace it...
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    Well Jverkoey as i told you in the PM before with my own laptop it works but with me the 'secret way' is very easy i have some 'K' (keyboard) screws at the back which allows me to just lift out the whole keyboard...

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    Did you try looking on your laptop manufacturers website for disassembly instructions?
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