Tonight, we're going to try something different to just have fun. Thursdays tend to be less crowded at our club. So, we're going to play 18 holes with the kids (9 and 11 years old).

We want to just have fun and play a round with worrying about what we score. So, we're going to "round-robbin" each hole.

For instance, I'll tee off on the first hole. Then my wife will take the 2nd shot. My daughter will take the 3rd, and my son will take the 4th. We'll rotate like this until the ball is holed.

Then on the 2nd hole, my wife will tee off, and I'll move to taking the 4th spot in the rotation. And we'll rotate like that, so that by the 5th hole, I'll be back to teeing off.

It'll be a new experiment for us, but hopefully it'll be fun. And it will allow the kids to play without getting upset for having such high scores.