Thread: Borland's Turbo C++ appearence

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    Borland's Turbo C++ appearence

    A few friends and I have been arguing about what font colors Borland's Turbo C++ had by default. I know this is a mundane topic, and I forget how we even got on the argument, but it's been bugging us.

    The only part we still argue about is the color of numbers. I remeber them being a light blue, the same color as characters and strings. A friend insists that they were a magenta color. We would check this out for ourselves, but we can't find the compiler anywhere. I figured somebody around here has got to remember/have it somewhere. Specificly, we're looking for 4.5 and higher, although I remember them all having the same default colors.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, I've only used 3.1, and I think the numbers were magenta on it by default. I don't really remember too well, because I last used it when I was like 11 to edit Wolf3D's source code.

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    It depends on where you type it... typing a number after // just made it pale blue... but elsewhere it was magenta...

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    you can download Borland Turbo C++ 1.1 from their website in the Archives takes awhile to find, but it will answer your questions.
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    He was looking for 4.5 and after. I have it, and I think vasanth is right. Of course, you can change the colors, so if this results in you losing a bet, I'd be happy to modify my version and give you a screenshot

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    all i could find was version 1.01 to download,21751,00.html
    and everything is yellow! there is no color coding at all!

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    heh, no bets were made, just petty arguing. Thanks for the heads up DavidP, I'll go check that out. Thank you to everyone else as well.

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