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    .SFV Generator

    I have quite alot of mp3 files stored in directories that represent albums which the mp3 files belong to. Sometimes I also have a .SFV file in one of these directories, that helps verifying, with an SFV checker, that all the files that belong to the album actually are present in the album's directory.

    Sometimes I want to rename these mp3 files for my own personal convenience. Renaming the files would make the .SFV file useless for checking the presence of the files with, as the SFV checker would expect the original file names from the .SFV file.

    So in order to be able to have the mp3 files renamed, but still be able to have their presence verified after their re-naming, I am searching for an SFV generator that would generate an SFV file out of any directory. I have tried to search Google without success, all I can find is SFV checkers. So if you know of any SFV generator, please let me know

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    Well I've never heard of an .SFV file other than what you just said, so I may be missing the point entirely, but do you really need this SFV file?

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    Yes it's for convenience so that someone can always check whether the album is intact. I want to rename the mp3 files, and still be able to use an SFV file for checking them, so yes I do need an SFV generator.
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