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    It always fails to install when it tries to install the .NET platform. Of course, they aren't going to say WHY it failed, they just tell me that it failed. I looked in the log and it said that it returned with a value of 0x1003. I know I have sufficient disk space left, I have close to 6GB left on my HDD.

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    Whoops, 0x1003 is not 1603 in decimal.
    0x1003 is 4099 in decimal.

    4099 Windows Installer is not installed properly on computer.

    Due to the improper installation of Windows Installer, the installation of Dotnetfx.exe cannot proceed.
    Possibly, you need to (re)install MSI_V2.0 from:

    Hopefully that is a little more helpful.
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    I got 0x1003 not 0x1603

    Thanks for the effort anyway.

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    can't install this through a web proxy? stuck at 0%.

    I'll wait til I get home then.
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    It's working now. I had to reregister the the service. Thanks!

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