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Thread: Percent of comments in your code?

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    I comment rather sparsely. My coding style emphasizes clarity, so comments usually do more harm than good unless I'm explaining my reasoning behind some code and not it's mechanics.
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    I put the 1-1 comment in there just for laughs... but I guess we do have those kinda people
    I do comment on a 1 line of code 1 line of comment base. Not for every line, but it evens out at function/class level.

    If you deleted all source from my code, you could still see the structure and recode it.

    Those comments have saved me a lot of work and I never had to think twice about what a function does when I had to dig into a project 3 years later.

    I don't think there can be "too much" comment. If anyone else is bothered by the amount, s/he can delete it. But if it's not enough, no one will be able to pull some explanations out of thin air 5 years later.

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    if i dont comment my own programs, big or small, then i almost always forget what im doing

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