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Thread: Name my server

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    Name my server

    The server program I'm writing is going really well, and I think the time has come to name it. I was thinking we could name it Sharkbait then get in a circle and all yell, "Sharkbait, who ha ha!", but then I realized that I watch too much TV.

    To give you a quick run down of how I came up with these names, Zi is the rootword for typical homesteads and villages in Zulu culture. Every word relating to that is based off it. umuZi is just a regular noun, ukuZi is the infinitive of the verb, etc...

    The two names I've used so far while naming source files, etc... are umuZi and Zi. I just pulled umuZi quickly out of a dictionary because I needed something quickly, before finding later what the actual root was. umuZi's kind of grown on me, but Zi would be more correct, and I think, in time, I could grow to love Zi too... It just sounds Asian... Not that that's bad...

    But let me know what you think, and maybe suggest something too. If you're interested is a pretty good online dictionary for English-Zulu. And I'll most likely just scrap the crazy capitalization rules they use. None of this capital z in the middle of the word crap (as shown in the poll)

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    Zi - returns 2 million+ search results.
    umuZi - returns 500+ search results.

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    Well I just checked on the search engine results - seeing what kind of stuff was associated with each name, and it defiantely seems that Zi is a more Asian-like term. Sounds like I'm going with Umuzi.

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    i wanted to yell "sharkbait who ha ha!"

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    I'm not going to stop you.

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