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    I believe time does not exist, that it is just a concept of our mind. Therefore I don't believe it has definable characteristics, like matter and energy which are are very real, and therefore have definable characteristics.
    You have to be extremely carefull nailing down _exactly_ what you mean when you say you don't think time exists. Even if you doubt that time flows (which actually turns out not be so unreasonable), it seems very hard to claim that there is not some form of non-spacial variable that physical systems depend on that ties into to our psychological sensation of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clyde
    Or to put it another way, if i blasted off into space and spent in my estimation 5 years travelling away from earth at speeds close to the speed of light, then turned round and came back at the same speed. On my return I would be 10 years older, but i would find the people i left behind were much more than 10 years older.
    Thank you very much. I'm so glad more of an intellectual (and such a knowledgable person) could explain exactly what I have been trying to say so simply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    How did you arrive at that conclusion? The earth doesn't travel fast enough for that, unless we're talking an EXTREMELY small scale. If that's the case, then geosynchronous satellites are time machines. Also, we travel through time just by walking, since we are moving faster that the earth is rotating at that point.
    Yes, they are 'time machines'.
    The GPS system (which is based of very, very exact timing) has to take the different speeds to time into account due to the altitude difference of the satellites and the ground.
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