Thread: heard about opera ?

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    Question heard about opera ?

    a friend of mine suggested a new browser to me which goes by the name of "opera". he feels opera is very superior to IE. has anybody tried it out ?
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    I've got version 5. It's ok but you have to buy it to remove the banner ads. I've heard that they've released version 6 but haven't tried it.

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    Yes - I use it all of the time - except when some broken sites insist I must use some other browser. Opera can pretend to be IE/NS, but it's not foolproof.

    The only thing which lets it down IMO is bookmark editing - changing the order of bookmarks, and moving them from folder to folder takes way too much effort (compared to say IE).

    I especially like the MDI interface (single task, each page opens in a new window, not a new task on the task bar), and ctrl-shift-click opens a link in the background (so I can open several links on the same page, without losing focus - great for reading message boards )

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    I have Opera 5.12... I downloaded it for the sake of trying it out but don't use it now or IE for that matter. Out of the two I'd say IE wins as, though I hate to say it, the MicroSoft Network is extremely efficient.

    I use Netscape 6.1 as my primary browser. It's my favourite and allows you to, if you have IE, to import the contents of your IE favourites to your Netscape Bookmarks list. You can also access Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail, Netscape address book straight from within the browser window which I find extremely handy.


    P.S. Opera 6.0 is out already? That was quick.
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    I tried it, it gives me an error as soon as it starts.
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