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    previously i asked how to fix a zip file, well not many sols. would you know where i can find source code for zip unzipper. ?? when i search i dont' get the source rather zip file for some other souce code. eg source code? any help

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    what do you want to do when you say "fix a zip file" ?

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    If you're looking for how to zip/unzip files in your program, then look up Huffman Coding (I've also seen it as Huffman Encoding, Huffman Compression, Huffman Algorithms, etc)

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    Zip file format:

    Search Wotsit

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    there's a program called pkzipfix, look it up in altavista, it may help you.


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    If you are looking for unzipper source code, look in Linux. It has an unzipper built in, and everything is open source. I'm not sure of the exact directory of the source code though. I hope it isn't built into the kernel for your sake.
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