Thread: Supreme Court - Producing IDs to police

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxdude
    I represent that

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    I think you shouldn't be scared of the South, only Louisiana. They're all queers down there, so be careful if they throw you in jail, you know. Right, kermi3?
    I'm just going to note, I don't live in Louisiana. I live in New Orleans. There are no queers in La, they all move to NO. No I'm not gay.

    I hate LA's politics Bobby Jindal should have won; he would have changed alot.
    While I'm not going to turn this into a Louisiana politics thread....I will say that that you're wrong...IMO, Jindal is too conservative. So far Blanco has done a pretty good job. Except for the Saints screw up, but that'll be worked out. And the New Orleans school board bill is the best thing to happen to the state in a while.

    I think you shouldn't be scared of the South, only Louisiana
    I resent that as well. Parts of Baton Rouge ain't that bad. And lets be honest, Mississippi and Alabama are FAR scarier than Louisiana!!!! (Remember, I don't live in Louisiana)

    I think there could be an arguement that this is infringing on your 5th. After all, arn't you incriminating yourself if you tell them your name if they know that someone of that name committed a crime? That's paramount to saying "I did it." On the other hand, the line must be drawn somewhere and I think balance is nessicary, and I think giving one's name is a reasonable requirement.

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    You are right about the School board kermi3. I just liked Jindal, he seemed like a nice guy. I also wanted change.
    @Thantos->I would rebuttle with something making fun of you, but I want you to respond to the Assembly question I have

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    Wow, does everyone on this board live in louisiana, I live in Louisiana as well. Kind of creepy /). I would also have rather had Jindal in office over Blanco, and Nagin is a good mayor.
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    I live in Fayetteville, TN, which is like right on the Tennessee, Alabama borderline. Racism here only is done by the redneckish farmer people. Most people aren't racist around here. I do know of some people who are extremely racist, and I know some people whose parents were in the KKK.

    Homophobia and notajockphobia is the big thing around here. If you are gay or are not a jock, you are pretty much treated like crap. This whole town revolves around the fricken high school football team. Oh, I forgot bandmemberphobia as well. Everyone hates the marching band people and think that all we do is have orgies and stuff.

    But anyway, I do know that the farther south you go that it gets worse. It's not just the south though. I am originally from Indiana, and there is a share of racism there as well. Not nearly as bad as where I live now though. I know that the big cities (New York, Chicago) have some extremely racist people though, but that's about anywhere in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    Entire decision from Findlaw
    Just FYI I did a search on the above link for "terror" and didn't find anything.
    It was quote from an earlier article I read about this.

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    Just saying the Justice's "offical" decision makes no mention of terrorism or terrorist

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    The movie texas chain saw massicure has convinced me to never ever visit the south east. I'm in arizona thats pretty south, but its nice and normal. The only stereotypical "problem" is all the mexicans stealin my jobs.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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