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    i vote thantos

    as for this browser, would it interpret HTML or would we be creating a whole new language, because in this case theres already VRML i think.

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    We could just build off of the gecko engine. We could then incorporate opengl with our own scripting language or something.
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    Im just wondering, was originality supposed to be part of the proejct? I'm not shooting down the idea, I think the 3D browser is a cool idea, but I've seen an internet browser with full 3D rendering capabilities, such that you essentially walk around in a room when you type in your internet address, and the webpages show up on the walls and stuff.

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    looks like the proeject got owned before it strted. i also just remembere this:

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    I would be willing to take part in a project in some way, although I don't know how much I could help with my lack of skills

    As for time, I'm almost out of school for the summer, so I'll probably have plenty...

    Also, I say jverkoey could do a good job as leader...After all, it is his idea...
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    I like the 3d browser idea. We coul have our own language ex: something like HTML, and then the tags would set the 3d environment.

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    I think the principle reason things like this don't work in a community like this is because a project of any real size requires management, design, planning, quality control and a whole row of disciplines that most of the people capable of doing them, are not interested in doing for no financial gain.

    Instead, you tend to get a lot of enthusiastic bedroom coders who want to get straight down to coding the sexy graphic bits, and when they all try to put it together, nothing works.

    Open source collaborative project can and do work, but they are run on professional lines. When the average bedroom coder finds out what "professional lines" really means, they lose interest. They want to submit a source file, not a proposed design specification.
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    i know, why dont we edit and compile the stolen Half-Life 2 source code.

    (did i say that out loud?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaWiB
    Also, I say jverkoey could do a good job as leader...After all, it is his idea...
    I'm not sure how well of a leader I could be for this project. I've never led a project of this caliber before, and besides that, I'm only a (upcoming) senior in high school, so I don't have much experience working with a programming team yet. The only experience I've had working on a project in a team was with TDA and our Escape From the Funky Factory (EFFF) which I spent 2 months madly coding 10k lines of code, and our team only consisted of a couple artists and a level designer, and me as the primary coder.

    I've found that I like working on the architecture of things, not as much the graphics and displays, but more the skeleton of the systems, it always intrigues me how something works down to the bone, software-wise. So if we do do this project, I'd prefer to just work on the layout for the program and getting everything working together code-wise. Maybe someone else here who's had more experience working with a team of coders would be better off as a leader for the project?

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    Well first things first...if we dont have a good vision our team and leaders won't mean a thing, so what exactly will the functionality of our 3d aspect be?

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    im in


    Ill help with this project...tho im only up to classes...I would like to try to be a help...Perhaps i can code a bit and contribute graphics(was a photoshop junky) Nothing 3d tho. I hope i can help out (:

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