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    Stem-Cell Research

    W did the right thing. I have never seen a president so 'just' and 'true' to 'all' the people of your country -the USA.

    There would have been killings, but now the government will establish strict standards that will monitor the use of these embryo cells. W should make a greater attempt to control private research companies who are using stem-cells because they are the cut throats who have no conscience. Their bottom line is profit. Apparently a good number of these samples get discarded under certain conditions therefore there will be more of them. I think that scientists have enough to begin some serious research. They will have money to train people and allocate resources towards stem cell science. If there is any evidence that cures are being developed from this science than I'm sure that more will be done. The main point is that it is never a mistake to take more time to plan and analyze a situation rather than to jump immediately into ill thought out experiments. Also I am pleased with your presidents decision. I hope that a cure for disease can be discovered out of the use of stem-cells. I think that this can be done ethically so long as there are standards.
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    yeah his entire speech was just avoidiance

    and did anyone notice that at 8 in texas it kinda looks like 4? Hmm.. that's not live is it.

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    I have never seen a president so 'just' and 'true' to 'all' the people of your country -the USA.
    Huh? Just? True? Right, we can drill in Alaska, wilderness be damned! Sure, W, the leader of one of the (if not the) most powerful country in the world can just take a month off to go to his ranch to fish and golf. Of course a man that can barely tie his own shoes should run our lives! Why do the Great Lakes need to be full? We should take that water and shuttle it down to Arizona and California! California's too stupid to manage their own energy needs, so Michigan should have to bail them out, right?!?!

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