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    About to burst

    Sorry but no one is avilable to share this with yet and I feel like I'm about to burst if I don't.

    Just checked the mail and I found a letter from the National Dean's List letting me know that I've been selected to the list. I get to have my bio published along with the other receiptaints and become eligible to cpmpete for some scholarship money. Plus I get to use it on school apps and resumes.

    This is a big thing for me because during my high school years I was a complete slack off and didn't do so well. This validates to me that I have truely changed my ways academically and I know it will help me when I need to transfer and later when I go to grad school.

    I think I might buy one of the books and give it my mom as thanks.

    Ok I feel better now, thanks for listening

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    Congratulations man.

    Semper fidelis
    "...the results are undefined, and we all know what "undefined" means: it means it works during development, it works during testing, and it blows up in your most important customers' faces." --Scott Meyers

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    thats great Thantos...don't forget to thank the marines as well

    some entropy with that sink?

    there are two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness. - franz kafka

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    Thumbs up

    Many kudos to you dude.
    May the compiler be with you.
    Be one with the compiler, and you shall prosper greatly.

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    Good job.
    Naturally I didn't feel inspired enough to read all the links for you, since I already slaved away for long hours under a blistering sun pressing the search button after typing four whole words! - Quzah

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    Thumbs up

    Hey congradulations buddy

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    you suck i own your dean

    jk, congrats bro!

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    cool beans!!!

    Get off my Intarweb!!!!

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