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    I keep having these weird dreams. Post your weirdest / most recent ones here. Here's two from yesterday and today:

    1. I was in some long hallway with several windows and mirrors on the wall, and at the (I would call) "north" end was a storage cabinet / dresser thing. I was looking "south" and saw two spiraly things. I turned and looked "east", and saw some writing on the wall - now that I think about it, it looked like the words 'I' and 'is' over and over in German. It had a yes and no, and I was supposed to answer one I guess. I looked "north" and started moving (I don't think I was walking, just hovering) in a circle around the hallway about three times. On the first time I saw rotting pigs and boars all over the place walking around. One of them had the face of a chimpanzee ( ) . I don't remember the second time, but the third I saw orange cats all over the place. I ended up sitting on the dresser looking at one of the mirrors, saying "Now all that's left are the big cats" or something like that. I saw a the mane of a huge black lion in the mirror, and looked in the direction of it. I did see a lion, but it was a normal color, and it was a maneless female. It roared loudly, and I woke up.

    2. (This morning): I put my cell phone in my pocket and walked to the front door. Through the screen two mechanics (IMPORTANT: one skinny, one fat) asked something like "can we come in to fix the problem?". I let them in, and kept telling them to stay together. One tried to attack me (don't remember which, but I could draw his face right now more vividly then I could draw someone in my family). I took out my cellphone (thinking he would believe it was a gun) and I was suddenly in my den (which would have been behind me). I tried calling 911 and got a woman operator. I tried giving her my address, but to no avail: she said over and over, while getting more warped and quiter each time, "Sir, calm down and repeat that." I was next in the master bedroom (somehow knowing the theives had left) and looking around at all that was gone. My TV, my cell phone, my bookcase ( how did they get that out, ) . But I did have a VCR that I sure don't remember having . Next, there were more robbers in my house (not the same ones, a group of 4-5) who consisted of, to my embarassment, Gandalf and some orcs (gah!! I'm not even a big fan of lord of the rings!). They stood outside the master bedroom, mocking me. BOOM! I'm awake, looking around for my "missing" stuff, which is all there! I miss that VCR, though .


    Dreams, to me, are increadibly vivid and intreguing. I know where some of the things in my dreams come from that I was thinking about the day before, and its interesting to see things jumbled together. I wish there was some way to "record" them, so I could see exactly what was happening. Any interesting ones you have to share? Sorry for the long post!
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    Interpretation of Lurker's 1st Dream:

    The hallway was the path of life. The mirror represented things you saw in yourself. The boars and pigs were the slaughter than shall come in the next few years. The cats are what shall reign after the slaughter.


    Anyways, I havent had any interesting dreams lately, but over the course of my life I have had SEVERAL interesting dreams. I have started to write down all my interesting dreams in a "dream journal" per say so I do not forget them.

    Here is one of my favorites:

    I found myself in a 3-dimensional wireframe virtual world very similar to the one Homer Simpson was in during that one Halloween episode several years back (Homer 3D). Before I could come to grips with where I was, I suddenly was thrown into a swordfight with a middle-aged man. He had a white beard, white hair, and a black cloak (He looked exactly like MacBeth from the cartoon Gargoyles). We fought with our swords for quite a long time. I remember several times dodging his swings, and him dodging mine. Eventually, I dodged one of his swings, rolled across the ground a few feet, jumped up, ran a few steps, and jumped onto a small platform nearby. I then fought him at my height advantage for a small while, and seemed near victory when he jumped onto the platform and attacked me so swiftly I had to jump off the platform and backstep several feet. He jumped forward after me, we fought for about 30 more seconds, and then I fell to the ground after a swift attack of his. Lying on the ground with my sword at my side, I looked up the man. He said, "You were a worthy opponent. I am sorry I must do this." I replied, "As were you." He then thrust the sword into my stomach, and I felt it. It was not painful, but it was as if I had just gone down a huge hill on a roller coaster, and my stomach had been left behind. Then I woke up.
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    I've had several awesome dreams, but my favorite one was when I worked for the mafia and I had to steal some papers from a parking garage. I got caught, so I stole a car and then I started gunning down a whole gang. I met some bum on the street and he let me hide in his box (his home) and let me borrow his gatling gun. That was one awesome dream.

    I've had a LOT of dreams about my own death. I had one last night that really weirded me out, but I loved it. There's this girl that I've been really good friends with that moved away, and I saw her in a dream last night sitting in a chair of somewhere familiar, I don't remember where it was. The coolest part is that I haven't seen her in a while, and I saw her in that dream exactly how she was when she moved.

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    I don't have vivid dreams as much as I used to, and the ones I used to have I don't remember quite as well. But anyways, one I remember best is a recurring one (I guess you could call it a nightmare).

    I'm in this village place, and everything is really dark and foggy, and there's a lake or some kind of body of water. Out across the water, there's heavy fog or mist at the mouth of some caves. I head out in a little wooden boat, usually with a family member, and the rest I can't really describe, except that it is very creepy.

    Another one I remember is "waking up" in this somewhat dark cave where it looks kind of like the only light is torch light. I'm tied up to a rock and there's a robed figure ahead of me...That's really all I remember.
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    My scariest and most vivid dream:

    I was sailing on some warship, as a part of the crew. Don't ask me why, but I 'knew' we were up near the arctic circle, above Russia. All of a sudden the ship bumped into this giant cylinder that was submerged just a few feet under the water. I remember this cylinder being ridiculously huge, many many times larger than the warship, and it extended very far off into the horizon. Nobody could figure out WHY it was there, or WHAT was inside it, or who put it there, etc etc. That, for some reason, scared the crap out of me, although reciting it now just seems moderately silly

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    I know what you mean. I've had dreams that are not even remotely scary, yet I wake up terrified. I think there's more to the dream than I remember....hmmmmm
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    I was floating through a chess board, I became a peice, I believe it was a pawn, I made a move, was moved to the off the board, then, at that point, I saw a white light, I started moving tword it, I saw a chess board present itself, I blew it up.
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    My last one was something with a girl. Enough said.

    My most interesting ones were deja vu's, and one were I got a knife stabbed in my chest. Perhaps I should write down what my dreams are about, really.
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    Yeah, those dreams about getting rejected after the party are painful huh?

    Haha, just kidding

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    A dream I've dreamt several times is when I walk into this store (not sure what it's selling, there are lots of caunters everywhere) and this gang comes in and robbes it (armed) and I end up dying, then it all repeats itself, although I die in an other way each time, this continuse untill I wake up....
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    I was much younger. In the dream, I was riding in a car with my parents. I saw this minature-sized firetruck going down the street real slow at parade speeds. It had a couple of midget sized clowns on it and surrounding it on the ground. They'd be waving, and walking around the fire truck. They'd hop and skip and a couple of them came up to the car window waving and smiling.

    Then, all of the sudden I got a really weird feeling in my gut and one of the clowns got a weird look on his face and started cranking a handle really fast and I hear this. The truck took off quickly. I didn't really scare me, but it kinda creeped me out and was eerie.

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    I had a dream that I came to the General Forum and the posts actually had a point.

    Like that's ever gonna happen. :P


    No, I'm not bagging on this thread.

    At least this thread has a point.

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