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> The game designers have to meet the system specs... so your machine will always run the games designed for the system.
use the money to upgrade your computer rather than buy a console so you'll have no problems running games.
not really, you can upgrade your computer once for the price of a console. A console will last you 2-4 years. An upgrade will last 6-12 months both playing the newest games.

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>consoles don't get viruses.
anti-virus. you'll never get a virus as long as you update(most of the time)
heh, usually the virus comes out before the update. Theres always percentage of people that will get the virus.

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> I don't know about you, but playing halo on my 54" tv is a hell of a lot better than playing it on my 19" monitor.
S-video cards. works perfect
matter of opinion, my computer faces a wall. if i hook it up to a tv it would be all unconfortable trying to face the other way with my keyoard and mouse.

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>MULTIPLAY with all your friends in the same room and all they have to bring is controllers.
i hate playing with more than one person on a single tv monitor. besides there is WAY more multiplayer support for pcs. also in order to network and actually have 'real' fun you'd have to provide seperate tv's. and with game consoles every person has to of bought a seperate copy of the game when you can easily get a crack for the pc and save hundereds of dollars on a lan party.
seperate tv's arnt neccessariy, its all about beer and freinds. LAN parties are way more of a hastle and take time, planning, and lots of equiptment.

I like both console and PC games, im just here for the sake of argument