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    Virus Signatures

    Alright - so I'm working on my AV program, and things are actually going quite well, but something just hit me: before I'm done, I'm going to need to actually get the information about the viruses. Is there a place or site where one can get a list of known virus signatures, or do all these companies just get their information from studying the virii themselves? Without the signatures all I'll be able to do is just look for potentially dangerous activity.

    (lol - any way to decode the virus databases of other AV software? Ha ha)

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    Most antivirus software makers have entire labs based on creating virus definitions. I don't believe there is a central source for them.
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    might want to look here, I don't know though
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    Quote Originally Posted by XSquared
    Most antivirus software makers have entire labs based on creating virus definitions. I don't believe there is a central source for them.
    yeah, and they invest alot in those labs... I doubt they'll want to just hand over their definitions... you'll probably need alot of hackers/ex-hackers to help you out with that... and you'll have to dedicate all your time to following and tracking down the source for new viruses all the time... if you're interested in writing AV code, I'd look into working for a smaller AV company...
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