Thread: Pls is/isn't a word

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    Why the heck didn't you use reply?

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    If I'm using the english language "pls" doesn't work, "please" does.
    Yet the English language is versatile enough that new words can be added when necessary.

    Though frankly "hrd" and "undrstning" definitely are not well accepted enough to be given such consideration.
    It may be a different case with "pls", however.
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    i dont c wht the fus is al abt....

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    well id idnt really read all the replies, just read his first post. then i came back later and made this i just looked at the topic and the new topic button was closer

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    Hmm... Well, I suppose one could certainly make an information theoretic argument for changing "please" to "pls", and so on. English is certainly not a terribly efficient language. Still, I like my vowels.

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    ...and the new topic button was closer

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    I just hate it when people use that kind of writing on forums. I don't mind it so much on IM because time does count there, but on this kind of forums, timing is not an important variable in the conversations, so people should use full words.
    There are, of course, abbreviations (sp?) that can be allowed like download => d/l, but they should be in a full context.
    In short, if it's not in the Jargon File, it shouldn't be posted
    EDIT: Also, what kind of impression are you going to give if you don't even take the time to properly write "please" or "thank you"?
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    It's simple: If they don't have enough time to type the full word, I don't have enough time to reply

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