Thread: I am working a data entry job

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    I am working a data entry job

    So I got this data entry job temporarily (it actually only last 1 week...thank goodness). It pays $10 per hour, so that is quite nice. However, it must be the most boring job ever.

    Here are some things I have learned at my new job:

    1. Having multiple windows open on your screen makes you look like you are working.
    2. Checking your email at work makes you feel powerful and important
    3. Data entry jobs are incredibly boring.

    Aside from the boringness of the job, they do happen to have an awesome deli there. They have a chicken club sandwich which must be the best sandwich I have ever had. It has grilled sourdough bread, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a chicken breast. mmmmmmmm..........oh man that sandwich is so good.....
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    lol, so what do you actually do?

    sounds like you spend your time checking your mail and eating sandwiches

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP
    1. Having multiple windows open on your screen makes you look like you are working.
    2. Checking your email at work makes you feel powerful and important
    ahhhhhhmen. I use linux at work and have 4 desktops => 4 * the space for windows => it looks like im working 4 * harder

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    Only 4 workspaces n00b

    *whisper* actually that is all I have. I used to have about 100 on enlightenment, but as you would imagine you get lost. *promotes fluxbox*

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    I once had a job entering data for a tax appraiser a couple years back, getting paid about the same, for about an equally long duration. It was actually very exciting

    for about 20 mins, then it was just boring.

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    Data Entry blows. I used to do some of that during my college internship and I eventually found a way to get out of it. I designed a system to remove the person doing the data entry. In other words, the less things get written on paper, the less someone is going to have to sit there and punch it into a computer. Granted, some things still require data entry, but they shouldn't have to.

    Don't forget that there are such things as OCR scanners. I don't know how much you are entering off of one piece of paper, but if they gave you a scanner and decent software, you could just use your mouse.

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    I worked in data entry, it was a 9-6 job, with an hour lunch break. They also gave you 4 15 minute breaks. But the rest of the time was spent filling in forms with data, which was without a question the most boring job in the world. The reason why it pays so well, and it's easy to find jobs in this field is because the majority of people don't want to do it.

    Just imagine filling in forms all day, that's what data entry is. And they usually monitor your work and accuracy to make sure you're actually keeping up.

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