Thread: Gah.... leave me be......

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    Gah.... leave me be......

    Does anyone get emails from newbies?

    I keep getting emails from people who have never posted here, but feel its fair to post me with requests to help them with their homework. I dont really want to disable my emailaddress here, but this is a pain in the #rse!!

    Hell, if they are posting me, then how many posts do people like zen and Salem get? I dread to think........ I have tried to help the first few times and ignored a few, but from now on I think I'll just send back abuse......

    Is it so hard to post a question???

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    I got some. I always wrote a nice reply, like I would have here.
    The easiest and really logical way is to tell them that while you are online 2 hours a day, this board has helpful people 24/7, so instead of writing you, it's easier to post here ;-)

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    Hmmm...I get that, too. In PM-form and emails.

    Unless it's something other than "write this for me", "Can you teach me how to write <insert name of cool windows app here>", I usually respond....

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    The one that really gets me is when people use the "report this post to a moderator" option and send all us moderators their question. What the hell is that about? I'm tempted to treat it as a complaint and delete it! (I never have though in case anyones wondering.)

    I also get numerous questions. I dont think i've ever had a request to do homework. I usually either point out the FAQ (which 50% of the time contains the answer they want), a website containing the answer, or a post that already has their question answered. Only rarely do i actually have to write anything. And i really dont mind since it doesnt happen much.
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    >use the "report this post to a moderator" option and send all us moderators their question

    yes, kermi3/webmaster, if that becomes a problem... you should write a post addressing that... i agree it is annoying...
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