Found that sometimes my code will run inside of RHIDE, but will not outside of it.

For instance, I overran the bound of an array by one element. It ran fine within RHIDE, but caused a page fault outside of it.

Why? I know that the compiler will not catch stupid errors like array overruns because that is my responsibility as the programmer, but why didn't the overrun crash the system from within RHIDE? Even the stdout display did not indicate an error.

This is not very comforting. Let's say I develop a large program and make the same mistake in the early stages. If it runs fine within the IDE, I will assume everything is OK when in fact it is not. This discrepancy will make it hard to debug programs since I will have to periodically run the exe from the command line to test it in a non-RHIDE environment.

Anyone else experience this with DJGPP and RHIDE?