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Thread: Quick Reply or Normal Reply

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    Quick Reply or Normal Reply

    So which do you use, the quick reply at the bottom of the page or the normal reply page?

    Quick Reply here

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    Jul 2003
    Normally Quick Reply, but I occasionally slip into the Normal Reply mode...

    What's with the outbreak of polls?

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    Quick of course. Why waste my time loading another page?

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    Mar 2003
    I am just in a habbit of doing the normal reply. That I don't even think about the quick one. I instintivly hit the normal one

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    I almost always use quick reply.

    >I am just in a habbit of doing the normal reply.
    Habbit... is that like a hobbit?
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    I usually use quick reply, but if I'm using some kind of formatting (smilies, alot of quotes, a lot of anything in general) I'll hit 'go advanced' and look at the preview...
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    Quick reply even in this very post, unless I posting code, then I like to do it the profess way.
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