Thread: Another bomb threat :/

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    Another bomb threat :/

    Our school just got another bomb threat today. It's the second one this year, and before that, it had never happened before. I have a couple questions:

    1. How common are bomb threats at your high school / university?

    2. Why did they let us in again after just an hour? I would've thought it would take much longer to check the whole school for bombs.
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    Not had one while I've been at this high school...

    We did have two fires, though. It was funny because it was in the woodshop both times and the reason was that they hadn't installed sprinklers in the dust collector. This year it happened again in the dust collector and I think they are installing sprinklers now.
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    During my HS time I only remember one.

    However the week after Sep 11th the Marine Bases on okinawa recieved over 2 dozen bomb threats ( I know I ran the traces for most of them) with about half of them coming from people living on base.

    They let you back after an hour because it was decided that the threat was a fake.

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    i think the worst thing we had at our school as far as i can remember was a suspicion that someone brought a gun to school.
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    The school that my mother teaches at has had like 4-5 within the past year or two. Mind you, this is a 2k population town(where she teaches, that is).

    It's almost a common drill.
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    never had one. our schools pretty calm apart from a couple of criminal fires a while back.

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    at least 2 every year here, we've had 3 this year, plus a fire was started in our bathrooms

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    I remember pulled fire alarms at my old high school, never a bomb threat.
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    and now one of my friends is convicted of rape charge, felony offense, he could be facing up to 40 years in prison.

    omg i am so glad that i am a good kid these days

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    I think I've had a couple bomb threat's over the years. At least 1 in high school and I think 2 in middle school. The fire alarm has been pulled many, many times this year

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    We had a few at my high school. They got more frequent after columbine. We had a couple of 'columbine' threats too. There was even a date being passed around when it was supposed to happen. Almost no one showed up to school that day.
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