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    I have Wine, but I can't seem to get the sound to work, though...

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    Nice code!

    Hi gnu-ehacks,

    I have never tried a code like that, but I think itīs a good test for your OS!

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    LoL, good point. Someone here want to try it?
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    What's your OS call?

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    I think Linux is certainly the way forward, but how many times have people ignored the way forward in favour of the easier route?

    I use Win2k at home and Winnt at work, dual boot with Slackware Linux in both locations. Just about all my hardware works (since I had the WinModem at home replaced anyway...) and I use it as much as possible. But this just isn't all the time! Ever tried copying stuff to NTFS from Linux? Ever tried setting up e-mail in Linux when the e-mail service is governed by Novell Groupwise? Ever tried convincing ops people to actually CHANGE the way they do things and use a different OS on their servers to the ones they've used for years? It's like trying to sculpt something out of air.

    Basically, workplaces aren't ready for Linux as anything other than a web server (and sometimes not even that). It's stupid but when there is work to be done and everyone else is using Ms products people don't want to think about it.

    I *want* to use Linux... believe me, I've taken it off and put it on so many times it's ridiculous... the problem is that developers (like us) can't be bothered to consider portability most of the time. If we want it to happen it's up to us to stuff what we're told to do, lie about the time it would take to write (prob. not much change for most of us ) and make it work on as many platforms as possible... never an easy set of things to do, but it's the only way it will happen.

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    "I think Linux is certainly the way forward, but how many times have people ignored the way forward in favour of the easier route?"

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    I write Windows based app's as that is what my customers want / ask for. When they want something else I will write for it.
    Some are starting when they see how often Win9x fails.(but by that time we have sold them a DSP)

    Will people change if M$ forces subscriptions to XP?
    What I realy mean is if you had to pay each year. Phone M$ each time you added / changed a piece of hardware. (and could not get a cracked copy of the M$ OS) Would you change then?
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