Thread: Recomend an IRC client

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    Recomend an IRC client

    I use xchat at work on my linux box. can anyone recommend a good IRC client for windows?

    PS. i dont want to see a bunch of google results, i'm asking for recomendations of programs you've tried and liked.


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    xchat has a Windows build.
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    I'm using mIRC and it works alright...Although it is the only IRC client I've ever used...
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    I would say mIRC too for Windows.

    For unix I use irssi, but it's a command line client so it's all a matter of taste.
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    irssi baby all the way
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    xchat for windows or ssh into a linux box and use irssi

    That said, I did use one windows client that looked promising a while ago. Haven't checked it in a while, but you might want to look at HydraIRC.

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    XChat all the way.
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