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    Okay, I dont' like the type of proof that is presented on a test like "prove this incredibly complex formula". I like *reading* the proofs and understanding *why* they work, but I don't like them on tests.

    I mean, come on david, somebody like you, a computer scientist, must enjoy knowing how things work "under the hood", right?
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    Okay u learn a proof once, just understand how it works, then turn to the shortcut. No one uses the long way of limits to find a derivative. intstead power rule wow x^3 -> 3x^2.

    However, volumes, area, surface area, and cross-sections are hard to understand if u dont see them visually. It helps if the teacher explains what the 2PI and PI really mean etc

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    well we all know where the 2PI comes from, but I actually don't know where PIr^2 comes from. So what I said was just an idea. and of course nobody uses the long form of derivatives all of the time, but it's nice to have at least seen where it comes from.

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    Silvercord, I haven't done a lot with tensors (and its really been a while since I did do anything), but I'll certainly try to help if I can.

    As a side note, my favorite reference on tensors is Vector & Tensor Analysis with Applications by Borisenko and Tarapov (and it's one of those nice little Dover books too).

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    Hey Zach buddy, I am going to do some more reading before I ask anything. I can hopefully figure it out. Is that like, an ebook, or an actual book book all about tensors?

    I like, just learned last week that tensors aren't so yeah.

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