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    They aren't paying good salaries for those jobs overseas. That is the problem. The money flow is stopping at their company and as such it will come back to haunt them.

    As far as the statement concerning qualifications...I believe your statement is too encompassing and not at all true in every instance.

    Face it, we can spin it how we want...but some big wigs somewhere are making a killing off of it. Thats the plain and simple truth - its just about greed.
    Well, the probleme with your statement is the wages they are paying ARE good wages, for that part of the world. Americans forget that you can get away with <10 USD for your mortgage/rent, and can get food for a few pennies instead of a few quarters. Plus it is the absolute right of those big wigs to make money like they are, and if you dislike it then you can simply not buy their goods.

    EDIT : and about qualifications: I know Bubba that you have a couple decades of programming under your belt, and are excellent at it, but you need to realize that most US CS grads are under-educated and lack experience. The fact that India's major technical university was rated 5 out of 5 by CMU doesnt help their credentials either.
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    Here are some interesting statistics I think you guys might like...

    • 300,000 people file for unemployment insurance every week, regardless of the current state of the economy.
    • Approximately 32 million new jobs are created in the US economy every year.
    • Take the average of the last decade, and you'll find that 32.8 million new jobs were created each year while 31 million jobs were eliminated; the difference is an increase in 1.8 million jobs every year. An interesting note is that the population growth is also about 1.8 million every year: job creation tends to correlate with population growth.
    • Divide net job creation by jobs created and jobs destroyed and you’ll find that for every net job added, our economy creates 18.4 jobs and destroys 17.4 jobs.
    • Technology and domestic competition create and destroy many more jobs than job trade ever could.
    • Kodak laid off 20,000 jobs, not because of job trade but because their technology (film cameras) was losing to newer technology (digital cameras).
    • Production is up 40% in the last decade. It’s increased twice as much since the 1980s, and three times as much since the 1960s.
    • A century ago, 40% of Americans were farmers; today less than 2% farm. Does that mean we’ve stopped from being an agricultural producer? No, we produce more agricultural goods today than ever before; farming technology has gotten more efficient.


    Opponents of job outsourcing (most people in this thread) say it is terrible for the economy because it destroys tons of jobs. Proponents of job outsourcing (a good majority of republican conservatives) say it is good for the economy because it actually creates jobs. Both are right, and both are wrong.

    Most economists will tell you that although job trade isn't *good* for the economy immediately, the cause of the trade is good for the economy in long run. The lost jobs in farming in the last century wasn't good on the surface, but just think of all of the new jobs that were created since then in their place because of the increased technology that allowed the drop in the first place...

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