Thread: I vote to remove the DOS programming board

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    wth?!?!! why on earth...

    a *moment of silence* for an honored(honoured) friend, and a trusted ally, he will live on in our memories forever. as our first operating system. as our first programming environment. as our only access to the true power of our native language. DOS we salute you! for being the pure OS that your children now look down on, but spawned from! destroyed by those you nurtured, cherished by those who remember you for what you were. LONG LIVE DOS!!!!

    Somebody please play taps for us... dont wipe your tears men, honour his memory.
    I hate to burst your bubble, but DOS was not the first OS. In fact, the original DOS had a lot of Unix code in it, I forget what percentage.

    The only taps I'll play is solar taps in your face

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    i didnt mean it was, i meant that it was the first OS many of us ever used...
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    Hehe...bye bye baby!

    To be fair...if the forums were people, the dos board had a grey beard down to it's ankles and spent most of it's time waving a stick in the air...definately time to bow out gracefully.

    Now if we could get the Linux board shut this place would really be cosy...JK!!!

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    i desagree nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono

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    And to think I used to be a DOS cruasader with doubleanti and yet now I have a very direct part in getting it removed.

    To be fair, DOS was great in the day. Let's face it...if it were not for DOS our games, our apps, our comps would simply not be where they are today. It's not that we are shunning DOS or demeaning it...we are retiring it. There is a difference. It deserves our respect for it ruled the PC world for quite some time and it did what it was designed to do. Unfortunately times have changed and single-task operating systems are not what we need. So I for one salute DOS and all it did for the computer world and for skyrocketing us into the next generation of OS's, games, apps, and whatever is to come.

    So...DOS has retired and taken its rightful place in PC history...but it has not been forgotten. It did play a vital role in PC history and evolution.

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    Yes, I agree. A dos specific question could always be viewed as windows question(that is specific to the window's platform) or a C/C++ question.

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