Thread: Its a woundefull programming life!

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    Its a woundefull programming life!

    I just wanted to say that first I was a bit wary of this site, but since I really been working hard to teach myself programming (i been doing it off and on for years and always forgot what I learnt till now). Its just amazing how most people from all around the world will come on and help people like me who want to learn but need a push in the right direction especially when you got no one else to teach you.
    I keep getting stuck, but I keep going until I solve the prob, I am 28, and I am so determined to be a master of C++, and I mean suddenly very determined. I am starting a Degree through the mail shortly, on Computing, though they seem to cover JAVA rather then C++ which is the only bad thing.

    But all in all I think I will do ok in the end, especially if I stay as determined as I am. I feel rather down recently and C++ keeps my mind off it.

    Thanks for reading

    PS I wrote this to give me a break on the new exercise I am stuck on.

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    Good luck, but remember that a language (like C++) is not the hardest part of programming - the problem you are solving is the hard part. Learn how to solve problems, it will help you more than learning a specific language.
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    we're all glad that you're here and that we can help you! keep going strong.

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