Thread: MS DOS command?

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    MS DOS command?

    When I open MS DOS prompt it says,

    C:\Document and Settings\SAQIB FAROOQ AWAN>

    Now I have saved a folder with name "Assembly" in my C drive as instructed. But how should I go to that folder?

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    Type "cd c:\Assembly" and press return

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    > as instructed
    If this is an assignment, or a hobby project as well, try finding MS-DOS commands/FAQs/Tutorials. There are multiple flavors out there that will get you acoustomed to the command-line world.

    Search recent posts related to the subject, I've posted a few different links in previous threads. The links that I have posted discussed dos, the commands, and lay out descriptions of them very well.
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    At the prompt, if you type help, you'll get a list of commands available to you, you can then type "help <enter command here>" to get more specific help about your chose command.
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    <command> /?

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