Thread: Sreen Resolution Statistics?

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    Normally I use 1280x1024, but my laptop, which I regularly use, maxes at 800x600.

    It's a '98 PII :P

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    1280x1024@85hz God bless the trinitron monitor!
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    2048x1536@75hz :-) I'm pretty sure thats the max my graphics card will do. I love this montior though. Means I can fit lots of code and design specs and emails on the screen simultaniously which makes my life so much easier, even if it is a teeny bit hard to read sometimes.

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    1936x1600 @ 92 hz is what the max of mine is, although its all distorted

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    1024x768. My tv-out restricts me. I wish I could use something higher so I could have both going at the same time but when I try and run a higher resolution the picture gets cropped on my TV because it's too large and goes off the screen.

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    1024x768. Lower is just plain bad, higher is too hard to read.
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    > anything higher than 1024x768 is too hard to read.
    If your monitor isn't bigger than a 15", yes.
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    I use 1400 x 1024 (that's the highest) on my laptop (15 inch monitor) with 65Hz . It looks really bad if I use any settings lower than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP
    i used to run at 800x600 for a long time, then i switched to 1024x768 an learned what i was missing
    Same here. I wanted to go even higher, but my monitor didn't support it. My dad got me a new 17" monitor that goes up to 1280x1024, which I am currently running at. I'm happy

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