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    Ap Exams

    Okay i know its close to AP Exam season and i was just wondering if it is legal to post past (10 years+ ) AP Exams on the Internet to help ppl study for them. Anyhow, i don't wanna get in trouble. Thanks

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    I used to know of a site that had a bunch of old exams, long forgot the link though. If you search the board for my posts you might find it. Actaully it might be easier to search google. I think the particular site im talking about was ranked high.

    edit: the site i am referring to had only computer science exams
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    Well considering the fact that you can look at old exams on the College Board's website, while it might not be 100% legal, I don't think anything bad would happen if you did post old questions.

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    IIRC, after 5+ years it's fine.

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    yeah it is legal to post them. i have often planned on posting several AP exams on my website, i just need to get around to it. they are very good study aids.
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