Thread: Cprogramming Drinking Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker
    Prelude mystifies us with her never-ending pool of knowledge.
    And also add the following...
     - Someone tries to impress Prelude...

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    Originally posted by khpuce
    And also add the following...
     - Someone tries to impress Prelude...
    Yeah, like that will ever happen.
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    Selective truth is very appealing.

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    Add to:
    Asking how to get a random number when there is a thread with random number in the title one row down.

    While we're on the shubject , how do you make random numbers?


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    >>Someone tries to impress Prelude...
    >Yeah, like that will ever happen.
    It says tries to impress Prelude, not does impress Prelude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoD
    funny you should say that. We threw a bday paty for a coworker friday night, he, my boss, and myself were going shot for shot on everclear. I won.
    How many shots you take?

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