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    my school swiched 9 years ago.... um.... what is better C++ or Java i dont know what to think of this really.... im learning C++ to make games... i do java at my school and i hate it.. i got so sick of it i started doing my work in C++ just to annoy my teacher
    if u c this i will be asking for help

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    could someone tell me the pro-cons of Java and C++? i haven't been able to find a good clear comparison

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    C/C++: Usually faster, standard code is machine-independent but most non-trivial apps will need to be ported.
    Java: Slooooowww, but the `compiled' code can be ported, rather than just the source. Runs anywhere with java run-time installed.
    Those are the main differences. There are more "subtle" differences, but people with more experience can enlighten you with them.
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    There is no "better" language. There are uses for almost every language (it would be rather foolish to say EVERY language; ever heard of MOO?), and this applies to C, C++, and Java: they all have their uses, and they all have their disadvantages.
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    I think the topic has been discussed thoroughly several times in the past...
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    Safety is important at all levels of software design but especially when learning to program. Although there is some confusion about what a safe programming language is, we are using safety to mean: Any attempt to misinterpret data is caught at compile time or generates a well-specified error at run time. Java is a safe programming language.

    Notice the italicized text.....well, i'm glad the mars rover operated safely *cough* *cough*
    and I honestly don't understand how they can say that C++ doesn't emphasize object-oriented programming, that's what C++ IS. C++ is just c with classes and object-orientation!! arrggg, stupid AP people

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    There are uses for almost every language (it would be rather foolish to say EVERY language; ever heard of MOO?)
    Incidentally, does anyone around here code in INTERCAL?
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