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    Switching from procedural to OOP

    For those of you who have changed styles (doesn't have to be all the time) what did you find helpful it making the switch?

    Reason I ask is because I'm currently trying to teach myself C++ and trying to do it in the OOP way but keep coming up with code thats looks like a bastardized version of both.

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    I found some parts of OOP useful and others worthless. For example, objects are very nice for ADTs, but I never use inheritance. The key is to learn the fundamental concepts and then slowly integrate them into your designs:


    Not necessarily in that order of course. I recommend encapsulation first, then abstraction, then inheritance, then polymorphism.

    >but keep coming up with code thats looks like a bastardized version of both.
    That's okay. My first C++ coding was awful (as if it were any better now ).
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Bruce Eckel wrote a book available free online called "Thinking in C++." I found that helpful. A Google search ought to dig that up for you.

    The only advice I can suggest is to think of things in your programs as objects. Everything's an object. Objects contain information about themselves, and they should be able to take care of themselves.

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    I have read parts of the thinking in c++ but I would rather read a book on the OOP concept without regard to a particular language.

    Thanks for the info Prelude

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    I like to be fair, and I'll admit that you can do some really neat things with C++ and OOP that are nearly impossible to do with C and procedural stylce coding. If you read code written by someone that really knows how to use C++ and OOP then it really does look like a totally different language (read stuff in the standard template library for example).

    Other than that, I freaking hate excessive use of C++ and OOP, so I kind of mix the two (procedural + oop) together, i.e I code in a C++ compiler, and I use classes and inheritance ADT, but all of my classes are basically structs (i.e everything is always public, I never use private), and I only have one homegrown class that actually uses a template (and that's to interface witha problem of using an stl class, lol). so basically everything i write looks like a 'bastardized version of both'

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    I'm a huge OOP advocate. None of this half way stuff for me. My change to OO program design was the start of my path to well structured programs.

    I can't say _exactly_ what helped me along the way other than simply doing it a lot. Just make the choice to switch and stick to it. You'll become fluent in no time.
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    The problem, of course, is switching back to procedural programming from OOP. I'm so used to object-oriented programming now that programming in pure C would be disconviencing at best.
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