Thread: Put the board on "watch"

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    Put the board on "watch"

    To the mods:

    Since many people consider there to be too much clutter on the board, why dont you "put the board on watch"? In other words, enable that option where you must approve every topic and/or post before it is posted.

    It might be tedious, and threads would reach the board slower, but it would work to temporarily clean the board. And also you might just be able to do it with the GD board and not the others.
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    I don't like that idea very much...

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    Would you really like your post to appear 6 hours late because I had a meeting at work ?

    Timezone, work, sparetime activities... we aren't full time cprog moderators. We are here when we can spare the time...


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    I really disagree with that that too, it could be hours before you can see your own post, and if someone needs help really fast, you wouldn´t be able to answer it as fast as the guy needs


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