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    I think people should be perfectly honest when they give a eulogy for someone. Not necessarily bad-mouth them, but be true to who they were. If they are listening somewhere, Im sure they know how they were and therefore cant be offended by people telling the truth about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aran
    what's wrong with you two? I just felt like posting something halfway random. Must have i have some type of ulterior motive for everything i post? I don't understand what you are looking for exactly. This is general discussion.

    And, also, this thread is not religious bashing by any means. The only way you'd see that is if you were actually looking for it.

    The first post was a joke, anyway.

    Eh. I'm probably over-reacting.
    Yeah, you are. I'm joking about you posting at cprog and not fdiddy. I haven't seen you post here in a while.

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    oh.. i thought you meant "why don't you keep your rambling nonsense to FD?". Heh, i came back to witness VBulliten3.

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