Thread: Congrats on a wonderful resource site

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    Thumbs up Congrats on a wonderful resource site

    A quick note to give a bit of feedback on the site....
    I am greatly pleased to have found your site in relation to c++ programming it has been a valuable resource for me as im just learing how to code. The questions ive had so far have been wonderfully answered hereand really wanted to express my gratitude. In time as my abilities expand maybe ill have some questions that i can not answer myself and have to ask for help on but not just yet.
    I started coding as a bit of a hobby to keep my mind busy, but its becoming a passion as all last weekend (with help from strong coffee and this site) i got about 3 hours sleep but alot of new information and ideas.
    Just to outline what im using and hopefully get a few pointers on where to go and what to focus on as a new coder.... Devcpp compiler version, the main text I am learning from is Thinking in C++ second edition by Bruce Eckel and working through the tutorials here.
    So thankyou to all involved and now I am actually entertaining the idea go going and getting that degree now I have started to get a handle on c++.
    Oh i hope i havent annoyed anyone either

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    that's awesome.

    this is what we like to hear

    keep on programming
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    thanks a lot boredman...I appreciate it....all know I try my best and work very hard....

    some entropy with that sink?

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    This thread makes me

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