Thread: i think i have a virus

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    i think i have a virus

    Recently on my machine (after running a keygen program - for educational purposes only, of course) the folder settings on my machine have been going mental.

    The system keeps changing file icons for the network icon - first it was *.doc, then *.txt, then *.gif.
    Does anyone know the culprit? My virus scanner didnt dsetect anything - but its not normal system behaviour (even for win98!)
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    sometimes the icons tweak out on my machine as well

    try restarting, I donno but it fixes it for me.
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    icon settings

    have a look at an earlier thread on this board, it similar to your question
    not to do with file extensions but with icons.
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    I had this too. when I had win98. It always happend when I ran a certain program. all the exe's had the word icon (or an other)I scanned with mcafee and he didn't gave a single virus. Now I use win2k and haven't had the problem yet. But I also haven't run that program yet.
    I don't think you have much to worry about. It is probably a win98 anomaly

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    happens to me all the time, even after i worries, just windows way of making itsself feel secure

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    Could be a trojan. As per the ICON post memtioned by C_CODER (originated by TOMKAT and his TakeOver app).

    Needs to run an app to open the ports/sockets for it's evil master.

    Look here for some advice

    They have socket tester programs.
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