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    sheet music maker

    Does anyone here know of a (free or shareware) program that makes sheet music and plays them also. I have only found Play music, but you can't save the file you make without buying. Any help would be appreciated

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    there are plenty of sheet music programs out there.

    The most popular are Cakewalk and Finale, however, you must pay for those.


    I know it has some that are shareware and freeware. I used a couple in the past, but it was so long ago I cannot remember what they were like. I mostly use Cakewalk now.
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    I use the trial version of Finale.

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    one that works pretty nicely is called anvil studio, but it's more for making midi music really easily. You *can* put sheet music in there, you just have to manually place stuff in to it (or play it from a keyboard piano)

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    I use Finale. Unless you have some way of getting it cheap, don't think about buying it (It's over $400 I think). There are a few things I hate about it, but they fixed a lot of it in their newer version (I got 2003; 2004 is the newest version)

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