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    Smile composed a choral fugue

    I just finished composing a 4-part choral fugue. Here it is in MIDI form. Tell me what you think.

    I like the ending the best.

    Here is the form for my song:

    1. slow introduction with some minor chords
    2. fugal exposition
    3. fugal episode
    4. soprano solo
    5. conclusion
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    I'm not picking up a sense of tonal unity. Your chord progression before the soprano solo was pretty cool, though. the part around 1:48 was pretty cool. The ending should be expanded a little more involving a bigger build up to the release in the final chord. If you just added a stronger ending and a little bit of tonal unity, you'd have a rather interesting (if not good) piece.

    It was better than some other stuff i've heard, so, good job .

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    what he said

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    why don't you die and/or not spam?

    Anyhow. David: I write music too... maybe we can talk on AIM some time about writing the stuff.

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