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    Silvercord, I don't disagree with you. Certainly people will always be somewhat dissatisfied. There does, however, need to be some more universal standard of measurement, that is, a standardized test of some sort. What needs to be evaluated is what this test really measures, though. It does appear to me that they have done that, however, and that is why they are changing it.

    At any rate, back to the original topic. Holden, as with any other test, if you feel you did well, then you probably did. I took the SAT about six months ago... The math I thought was easy. The verbal, well, at times I just went with what sounded good. Seems to have served me quite well, however. At any rate, remember that colleges do look at a lot more than SAT/ACT scores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aran
    I do stand out in at least one way. I am one of the top 1,000 high school writers in the nation and the essay that i send in is the one that won (in part) me that honor.

    I already got into the college of my choice, anyhow, so it doesn't really matter now.
    Although I agree the SAT is a horrible measure of aptitude (don't complain about low score syndrome, i got a 1500), those essay contests are bull. No offense aran, but how do you know that all the top writers participated in the contest? You can say you placed whatever in the contest, but don't start saying you're top whatever in anything.

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