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    Newbie to pick on

    Hai guys, just joined the forum, hope to be more helpfull then a bother. Im quite new to the whole programming scheme of things,Im only 18 and I just started my 2nd semester at DeVry University for Computer Information Systems. So yeah... was wondering if there were any books you guys would suggest over others to someone such as myself... with the assumption I know nothing about programming. (( i know a lil just not enough ^_^ )). Thnx for any help in advance

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    Welcome to the forum. If you read the FAQ ( and forum rules and guidelines (always at the posts at the top of the forums) I'm sure you'll fit in nicely.
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    >>blah was wondering if there were any books more blah

    do a search on this topic on the boards....this has been covered [uderstatement] a lot [/understatement]

    and welcome

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    9,608 has a slew of good books for good prices. So far I've had very good look with their suppliers.

    Welcome to the board. As has been said make sure you read the guidelines and FAQ and above all - enjoy your time here.

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